3 Channel Salvation 3 RC Helicopter

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3 Channel Salvation 3 RC Helicopter

Introducing the brand new¬ 3 Channel Salvation 3 Helicopter. Introduced as an enhancement to the Salvation 1, it is even smaller and easier to control, making it perfect for flying at home or in the office! It is available in three channels, so you and your friends or colleagues can fly up to three Salvation 3 helicopters at teh same time. An in the event of a crash, or crash landing, these little helicopters are tougher than you think, and can survive some pretty rough landings. If you do break something, we also have spares available! Having 3 channels means that you can not only control up / down and left / right, you can also adjust the pitch of the helicopter, thus allowing you to go forwards and backwards (after some practice!). As an example, the amazingly popular Silverlit Picoo Z helicopter is 2 channels, and harder to hover and control. Christmas 2007 promises to be the year of the 3 channel heli! Features and Specification Ideal for indoor flight¬ Flying time approx 10 minutes Intuitive handset with Proportional Controlling System Move it upward, down, left and right, forwards and even backwards¬ Stable flight¬ Rear rotor stabilizer allows controlled turns¬ Full trim control on the transmitter for fine tuning¬ Ultra light¬ and super small Range of up to 10 meters¬ (30 ft) approx High capacity integral Lithium Polymer (LiPO)¬ battery charges from controller or mains¬ Charges in 20 to 30 minutes for full charge¬ Smart charger won‚??t let you overcharge the chopper¬ Requires 8 x AA batteries¬ for controller¬ (not incl.)¬ 3 Pin Uk adaptor included¬ Minimum age: 8 years

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short_description: Introducing the brand new 3 Channel Salvation 3 Helicopter. It is even smaller and easier to control

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